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Pic above is made by Arymus. I like X-Men, The Walking Dead, food, metal music (too many to list), Doctor Who (I miss 9!), Alice Madness Returns, BBC's Kitchen Nightmares, books, video games, anime, 90s nostalgia. I post a lot of random things :P

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Want a chance to talk with American McGee?


Want a chance to talk directly with American McGee? Well here it is! Free of charge and everything! ;)  American McGee is currently taking and answering questions, live, on Reddit! So head on over and speak with him! What’s to stop you?


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AMR Alice/Bumby Fics Masterlist

I’ve gotten a couple of requests (from ff and DA, never here) on where they can find fics of this very twisted ship. Well it’s certainly nice to see a whole new bunch of people liking a twisted ship like Bumby/Alice. I figured I might as well promote a few others who write about this twisted ship aside from me.


Yes I will put the ratings (M is pretty much smut), progress and link. And as a bonus, more nsfw art from Arymus and an actual doujin, because I can and Ary is an awesome artist who needs to know that she is awesome. Plus the doujin was a very nice surprise when I first found it and I think everyone should at least have a chance to look at it.


I think I got them all, and if I forgot anyone, please feel free to update it. There’s my contribution, now if you’ll excuse me I’ll be enjoying my one day off getting ready for another week of real life work (seriously I can only be on Tumblr maybe on Saturday and Sunday depending on free time, good luck on finding me on weekdays).


The Ripper -Graphic Horrors (rated T, continuing) 

Go To Wonderland - surrealisticdreams (rated M, complete. Noncon) 

Alive -BrokenMadDoll (rated M, WIP, I think it’s a Lizzie/Alice/Bumby triangle threeway, not too sure) 

Corruption -FanofFemdom14 (Rated M, WIP, noncon. Alice rapes a 10 year old Bumby in this one. Don’t ask me why, I don’t know!) 

Imprisoned: BumbyAlice: Broken Birds -Kuyomi (rated M, dubcon?,think it’s a oneshot)

One Angus Bumby- pumpkin moose (rated M, Hiatus last time I heard) 

The Perfect Doll - gypsybelleoftheopera (rated T, oneshot, pre-AMR , pedo themes, Alice is still a child in this one) 

Engineer- Beyond The Horizon (rated T, oneshot) 

The Oozing Madness -MidoriPanda (Rated M, oneshot)  

The Collector and His Specimen- Secret Agent Codename Bob (Rated T, oneshot)  

Imprisoned: BumbyAlice- Kuyomi (Rated M, Complete)  

American McGee’s Alice: Shattered Dreams- Shilus (Rated M, I think it’s on Hiatus or it might be discontinued)  


Lillielle’s AMR works 



Poem in Bumby’s POV- wonderlandsaviour  

Your Centuar is Next To You - Ineednousername (preAMR) 

Monster -Urbanuss  

Valentine’s Day fic- Ineednousername (it’s smut) 


Some of Ary’s Tumblr artwork (there’s too many, and I got a few of the older ones. Don’t fucking steal her art and not give credit!)

Tea Time  

unfinished doodles


More NSFW  

I don’t know a title

Another title I don’t know 

Another NSFW  

This is plain funny 

Poor Alice

Older Works 

role reversal  


Not a pairing but it has Arthur, a kiddie Alice and an undergrad Bumby

Bumby as an automaton  


Here’s Bumby after being run over by a train  

Adventures of TinTin crossover  

Slight NSFW 

More pron 



You can download this or read online. It’s got 2 stories, one is Alice being gangraped by a ruin, a madcap, and a card guard. The next one is Wonderland!Alice being screwed by the Dollmaker during the fight on the infernal train. Later you’ll see Alice waking up finding Bumby on top of her in London real time spoilers she kills them all in the end


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Checking up on Email

Found this as a review in one of my AMR stories; Heart, I will withhold the author’s name but you’ll find it anyway: 

"Thank God there was no sex scene or this would have been considered child

p*o*r*n*o*g*r*a*p*h*y in the United States. Suggestion to author. Just don’t  do Bumby/Elizabeth. You’re skating on the edge of stuff that can land you in jail. Google “Karen Fletcher obscenity case” for details of what you’re
playing with.”

And last I recall, Lizzie was 18. Same as Alice when AMR started. Making them both adults.

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At least I’m writing something

Might be my last one to be honest. Kinda losing interest in the AMR fandom. Seeing how it’s taken over by pew-tards. It’s the same on DA. Tumblr Savior helped but when you’re seeing the practically the same thing over and over again especially when it’s not tagged, you tend to get annoyed too. I don’t give a damn seeing fanart of him in a dress and it’s been done. If you insist of drawing him in a dress, fine, but get off the AMR tags. It’s more about him than about AMR itself anyway. And I’m sure a lot of AMR fans feel the same way.

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Practice piece of Alice, as she appears in Alice: Madness Returns


“Madness and destruction. You shouldn’t ask questions, you already know the answer to. It’s not polite—and that noise wasn’t Lizzie talking in her sleep! And there are no centaurs in Oxford!” - The Queen of Hearts(Make your survival mean something or we are all doomed!)


Madness and destruction. You shouldn’t ask questions, you already know the answer to. It’s not polite—and that noise wasn’t Lizzie talking in her sleep! And there are no centaurs in Oxford!” - The Queen of Hearts

(Make your survival mean something or we are all doomed!)



Just read this on facebook

Alice in Otherland has been confirmed! Kickstarter is due to come up in July, so save up!”


Confession posting to resume thursday! :D


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